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Venturn Young Professionals Programme

As a trainee at Venturn, you enter our challenging Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme that aims to turn you into a full-fledged professional in two years’ time. During these two years, you work on a variety of projects and follow our intensive training curriculum to build your knowledge and experience in the maritime and logistics industries.

Venturn Young Professionals Programme

Our training curriculum includes modules on a variety of professional and personal topics, such as project management, leadership, and data analytics. Every third Friday of the month, you receive one full day of training, followed up by an evening programme two weeks later. In addition, you receive on-the-job coaching at the client organisation during projects, as well as personal coaching from Venturn throughout the entire programme. Follow the VYP page on LinkedIn for a taste of what the programme has to offer.

You put all the training you receive into practice immediately as you work on projects with our client companies. These projects are always matched up with your background and interests—which means no two VYP journeys are the same. This gives you the freedom to determine your own course in your traineeship and decide what your next step will be. 


Application & Admission

Click here to view the VYP application page on our website.

Venturn uses the following selection criteria for the VYP Programme:

  • You have a university degree or are close to graduating;

  • You have 0-2 years of work experience;

  • You are fluent in Dutch and English;

  • You have a driver’s license;

  • Relevant extracurricular activities are an advantage.

  • What do we look for in our VYPs?

  • You have affinity with the maritime and/or logistics industries;

  • You are assertive and not afraid of new, dynamic environments;

  • You may not know the details yet, but you have a general idea of the type of sectors, projects or companies you would like to explore.


What does the selection procedure look like?

After applying via our website and submitting your resumé and motivation letter, we evaluate whether you fit the VYP profile. If you meet the criteria, we invite you for an interview to discuss your application and get to know each other. We like you? You like us? Great! You just might be our next VYP.

If we don’t have a project that’s your perfect match yet, you enter our High Potential talent pool and we work round the clock to pitch you to your potential next employer. As soon as we find a potential match, we inform you and introduce you to the client. You become a VYP once we have successfully matched you to an assignment and your first day on the job has been decided.



I don’t have a technical educational background, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! Over the past decade, we’ve seen a wide variety in educational backgrounds in the programme. What matters most is that you are interested in working within the international supply chain and open-minded towards any project opportunity we may throw at you.

What’s in store for me after finishing the programme?

Thanks to Venturn’s extensive network, your next challenge is never far away. Most of our VYPs end up working for one of the employers they have been introduced to during the traineeship. Prefer project-based interim work? Not tired of us yet after those two years? Then you may prefer to stay with us as Venturn Consultant. You can read about the experiences of VYP alumni Jan Laurens and René to see what they have been up to after graduating from the programme.

How many applicants make it through the selection?

We limit the number of participants in our VYP group to 12 to keep things tight-knit. When a VYP graduates, a spot opens up for someone else to take their place. In the event that we receive an exceptional number of promising applications, a second group is formed to accommodate all VYPs while still being able to offer personal guidance.


What is the starting date of the traineeship?

We don’t work with predetermined starting dates. The different training modules are   organised in no particular order, which allows you to join at the start of any module. You enter the programme when you are matched to your first project and finish after you have completed all modules.  

What if I meet the VYP criteria but Venturn doesn’t have an assignment for me yet?

You enter our High Potential talent pool. As a High Potential, you are not part of the programme yet, but our consultants pitch your profile to clients and regularly stay in touch to update you on any new potential matches. You are not tied to anything and are free to explore other opportunities while we search for an assignment—no hard feelings!

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