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Who are we?

We make organisations perform! Venturn helps organisations achieve successful change through our five services that complement and strengthen one another. From our headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we operate globally and deliver all our services to internationally active companies.

Founded in 2001, Venturn’s vision has remained the same throughout the years: to keep improving the maritime and logistics industries and drive innovation in the international supply chain. We continue to develop our consultancy services with this goal in mind.

Venturn Young Professionals
  • Our Venturn Young Professionals Programme is a unique combination of our interim, search and training services. We recruit talented graduates and starters with the intent of turning them into full-fledged maritime and logistics professionals.

  • During the two years of the programme, our Young Professionals follow the demanding VYP curriculum to develop a variety of hard and soft skills, such as project management, leadership, and data analytics. Simultaneously, they build up work experience by supporting our clients on a project basis.

  • Determine your own course.

  • Since 2007, Venturn has helped over 70 Young Professionals kick-start their career in the maritime and logistics industries. We serve shipping lines, logistics service providers, port authorities, terminal operators, offshore and energy companies — among many others. Our varied client portfolio ensures that our Young Professionals have the opportunity to discover their strengths during varied projects that suit their interests and background.

  • What do our Young Professionals have in common? They are ambitious go-getters who are not afraid of new experiences, dynamic roles, and a challenging training curriculum.

  • Interested in finding out how Venturn can help you get a head start in your career after graduation? Find more information here or apply for the programme today via our website.

How would you describe your Core Business?

Venturn’s core activities include business consultancy, interim services, executive search and training and development. Our Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) Programme is a unique combination of our interim and training activities: our VYPs work on project basis for 2 to 4 different clients during their time in the programme, while attending monthly training sessions to develop their hard and soft skills.


How many employees do you have?

Ca. 20 FTE in total (in-house plus interim consultants)


What does a day @ Venturn look like?

The Venturn Young Professionals Programme is all about exploring different work environments and challenging yourself throughout the traineeship. Because we match clients and projects to the personal background and interests of our VYPs, no two VYP journeys or workdays are the same. Our VYPs are realigned twice a month during their training sessions, where everyone typically has the opportunity to apply the learnings to their own practice by bringing cases from the work floor or working with their own company data.


Can you tell us a fun fact about Venturn?

Over 85% of our VYPs find long-term, permanent employment thanks to the traineeship, either with one of the companies they are assigned to during the programme or as full-fledged Venturn consultant.


Do you have any advice for UPT Students?

From Dionne, current VYP and UPTE alumnus: “If you are sure of your passion for the maritime or logistics field, then I advise you to explore your options in these industries by joining the Venturn Young Professionals Programme. Venturn will guide you through the first years of employment whilst challenging you in different assignments at interesting partners. After the UPTE master, there is still a lot to learn about yourself and the industry. Keep on learning and you will never stop growing.”



Business Consulting

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