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How would you describe your Core Business?

Maritime Consultancy. As a niche consultancy firm, MTBS specializes in the sector that it knows so well, rather than providing generic services across industries. The chief purpose of MTBS is to enable Clients to identify, implement and protect value-creating investment and divestment opportunities. This specialization has made MTBS a global market leader in ports and terminals across the world.


How many employees do you have?



What does a day @ MTBS look like?

MTBS leans on its vibrant and youthful setup to grow, impress Clients and to deliver the most creative and high quality solutions. The Analyst/Consultant pool consists of 15-20 talented individuals (starting from University graduates) who get real responsibilities from day one. This includes site visits to ports across the world, preparing and delivering presentations to our Clients and building financial models, to name a few. Equally important is our working culture. We prioritise team development. This includes interactive knowledge building sessions, a yearly ski trip and other professional activities. MTBS also stimulates you to develop yourself as an individual through external courses, ranging from in-depth finance courses to language courses. 


Can you tell us a fun fact about MTBS?

Did you know MTBS has worked in over a 100 countries globally!


Do you have any advice for UPT Students?

Does this sound like an environment you will thrive in? Do you want to learn more about MTBS and our port industry? Sign up and join us at the Transito Recruitment Afternoon!

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