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Broekman logistics


How would you describe your Core Business?

Broekman Logistics is a worldwide provider of logistics which relieves worries from their clients by offering solutions to supply chain concepts. We are a full service logistics company which specializes in transport by sea, road, rails, air and multimodal transport. Worldwide we take care of Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS) which contains the storage of goods and the distribution of goods door to door. We are specialized in the processing and storage of goods and we transport complex, heavy or dangerous goods as efficiently as possible. To summarize, when it is difficult and complex, knock on the door at Broekman Logistics!

How many employees do you have?



What does a day @ Broekman Logistics look like?

A day at Broekman Logistics is never the same. Every day is different and that depends of course on the function you fulfill. Inside a warehouse and at our terminals the client problems are always also your concern too and with that you are trying to also give the client a ‘’personal touch’’ to ensure that at the end of the day the client is happy with you.


Can you tell us a fun fact about Broekman Logistics?

Did you know that the oldest, still exciting department of Broekman Logistics is the captain’s room?


Do you have any advice for UPT Students?

Have a ‘’Broekman mentality’’, an unique blend whereas the focus on clients and consciously solution-oriented thinking are being central. We stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and inside Broekman Logistics we also stimulate personal development. Think in solutions, not in problems. In short, think with us!

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