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Transito is the study association for the Bachelor and Master program Urban, Port & Transport Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The association is completely organised by students and has the aim to offer a glance at the world behind the studies.

On this website more information on Transito and its activities can be found as well as the latest news and business options related to Urban, Port and/or Transport Economics.

The board

The board of Transito is selected by the previous board and includes the most ambitious and enthusiastic students of the UPTE master program. This year the board consists of seven members.

Learn more about the board here.


Transito membership has a lot of benefits both for current students and alumni. You can apply for it online by emailing us at And it’s really cheap – only €12.50!

Would you like to become a Transito member? Learn more about how to apply here.

Please send an email to to become member!


Transito news

Study Trip Committee

Study trip committee starts planning the 2021 Transito study trip!

Venturn Young Professional Program

Check out the Venturn Young Professional Program!

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